Key Request

Facilities Services Procedure to Submit a Key Request

The following procedure must be followed when requesting a key:

  1. Obtain Key Request card from Building Supervisor's Office.
  2. Person requesting key (Requestor), completes upper left portion of card & key information on lower left column, please DO NOT sign the bottom of the card. The requestor signs when the key is picked up at the Gentry building.
  3. Chair/Dean of Dept. completes upper center portion of card.
  4. Building Supervisor completes upper right portion of card & sends card to Facilities Services CPO 6A.

Key Request Card

Upon approval of request:

  • the Lock Shop cuts the key, then returns key card & new key to Facilities Services office staff
  • The Requestor is notified the new key is ready to be picked up at the Gentry Building
  • The Requestor signs in the lower left portion of key request card upon receipt of the key & is given a copy for their records
  • The top portion of the key request card is sent back to the Building Supervisors office while Facilities Services Lock Shop retains the back copy
  • Keys will be available for 30 (thirty) days after notification to pick up keys.

After 30 (thirty) days a new request for keys must be made.

Please phone Facilities Services 2-2966 for your key request questions.