Fiscal Management


Fiscal Management consists of the following services:

• Facilities Financial Governance

• Budget

• Procurement

• Capital Funds Management

• Construction Accounting

• Bond Funding and Project Financial Management

• Financial Management

• Deferred Maintenance

• Project Financial Management

• Project Funding Allocations

• Maintenance & Operations

• Budget Reporting & Controls

• APPA Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) Survey

Fiscal Management Contact List

Ellen Reeves, Manager, Fiscal Affairs, Facilities Management, Ellen.Reeves@EKU.EDU

Debbie Casteel, Budget Specialist, Fiscal Affairs, Debra.Casteel@EKU.EDU

Starla Sizemore, Budget Specialist, Fiscal Affairs, Starla.Sizemore@EKU.EDU

Benton Kirby, Budget Specialist, Fiscal Affairs, Benton.Kirby@EKU.EDU