Event Set up and Surplus Disposal

For detailed instructons about Footprints Inventory Control click the attachment at the bottom of this page.

A Request for Service to the Building Supervisor is required to request an event set up.

For Event Set-Up

* State the number of tables and/or chairs needed for the event, the location and duration of the event

*  Submit the Request for Service to your Building Supervisor at least two (2) weeks in advance of the date of the event

Request for Change to Facilities

An RCF (Request for Chancge to Facilities) is required when one or more of the following is needed for any item in the EKU Facility.

*  Moving an entire department of offices within a building or to another building

*  Adding a completely new workspace to an exdisting office area

*  Removing or re arranging an existing office into a conference room


*  Dept. ABC is moving from the 1st floor to the 4th floor of the XYZ building

*  Dept. XYZ has added a new position to their office and must have a new workstation

*  Dept. PDQ is changing an existing office into a conference room.

The Request for Service and the RCF MUST be submitted to the building supervisor in order to be sent to Facilities Services. All requests must be the original form, no copies accepted, and must be completed in their entirety or the request will be returned to sender.

These requests must also comply with current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations. If the acqisition or relocation is self funded, cost will be charged back to the budget accounts provided

Surplus Bulletin Board

The Surplus Bulletin board was created to provide departments a mechanism for notifiying the campus community of available surplus equipment, furniture or supplies. Departments may list all their surplus items on the bulletin board for a period of one month. Unless items are requested by another department within this time frame, the Purchasing Office at adm.purchasing@eku.edu will begin the process of selling the surplus items on eBayIf an item is requested, contact the Purchasing Office so the transfer can be finalized and the listing removed. Access to the Bulletin Board is with your EKU Outlook Login at Surplus Bulletin Board.

Non- Working and/or broken surplus equipment/furniture should not be listed on the Surplus Bulletin Board but entered into Footprints Surplus Inventory.

Furniture/Equipment Relocation and Surplus

The TMA Customer Portal allows any staff responsible for surplus (equipment, furniture, etc.) to enter that information themselves. Once you enter the information., it is automatically flows to the Fixed Assets Staff to determine if there are any capital items. Then it flows to Purchasing to be assigned to Facilities as a work order to have them pick it up or transferred to a different department.

The TMA Customer Portal can be found at http://tmasystems.net/login If you need access to the The TMA Customer Portal or, questions reqarding these processes can be directed to the Purchasing Office at 622-2246 or adm.purchasing@eku.edu

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