Engineering and Construction

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Engineering and Construction (EC) provides professional project management and archive services as it relates to all EKU facilities and properties. EC represents the University in most projects related to construction, renovation, acute maintenance, and some deferred maintenance. EC is part of Facilities Managment and works closely with Purchases and Stores, architects, engineers and contractors to facilitate the planning, designing, bidding, and completion of projects performed by outsourced contractors in a timely and safe manner.

Services within Engineering and Construction include but, are not limited to the following: 

  • Complete Master Agreement Contracts for consultants and maintain procedure manual plus campus standard to assist in project design effort.
  • Manage new construction, renovation, acute maintenance, and some deferred maintenance projects of any size.
  • Manage and organize the Request for Change to Facilities (RCF) system, which incorporates all requests related to physical changes to interior and exterior building structures. This management tool is administered through the Footprints System.
  • Request for Change to Facilities (RCF) systems ensures that the request and potential costs are available to all persons with interest and responsibility. 
  • Manage and organize the University’s archives for all university facilities construction, renovation, and acute maintenance projects completed throughout the University’s history.  The Department also assists other units in gaining access to new and historical building drawings and operation manuals as needed. 
  • Manage and organize for dispersal and/or review, electronic building drawings for all University buildings and properties. This electronic information allows for speedy sharing of building drawings and campus facilities information to other university departments and design professionals that are necessary to facilitate and enhance projects under review or in progress.
  • To view our current Requests for Proposals, see the purchasing website at EKU Purchasing and click the "Solicitations" tab on the left.

Engineering Services

  • Estimating
  • PSCs Civil Engineers
  • PSCs MEP Services
  • PSCs Geo-Technical Services
  • PSCs Environmental Services
  • PSCs Commissioning

Contract Services

  • Capital Project Management
  • Customer Liaisons 
  • Minor Project Administration
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Trade Service Agreements
  • Work Induction, Estimation & Scheduling


Ellen Reeves Associate Director of Fiscal Affairs and Project Management

Matt Whittenberg Assistant Director of Project Management