Current Requests for Space Change

EKU Requests for Space Change 2019-2020

Request Requestor     Department Completion Date Description of Request  Resolution
Student Life entire office University Student Life Sep-19 Relocate Student Life from Rowlett to Fitness & Wellness to make room for Center for Student Parents. Student Life will move into Powell permanently when renovation is complete, early 2020. Part of ROTC move to Weaver. Approved. The group has been allocated temporary space to serve their immediate needs.
Center for Student Parents entire office University Center for Student Parents Oct-19 Relocate CSP from Weaver to Rowlett to make room for ROTC.  Approved. Spaces approved to occupy: 104-108; 110-116; 123, 124 & 129
Sustainability entire office Steve Caudill Sustainability Office Nov-19 Relocate Sustainability from Coates 13 to Case Dining 3rd floor. Approved. Spaces approved to occupy: 305-307
Computer Science Tutoring Center Ka-Wing Wong Computer Science Nov-19 Request to acquire Memorial Science Room 179 & 179A for a tutoring center. Currently used for storage.  Approved. 
ROTC entire department University ROTC Dec-19 Relocate ROTC from Begley to Weaver. Approved. Spaces approved to occupy: 02, 03; 201-205 including lobby space; 301-310
Athletics entire department Mark Howard Athletics Jan-20 Relocate International Sports from Begley to Fitness & Wellness (Old Rec). Will become new 'Olympic Training Center' for Track, Cross Country and Soccer. Ticket office also requests to move from Alumni to first floor front office space and utilize front counter. Entire building to be occupied. Approved. Athletics has moved. Ticket office move TBD. Updates to building in planning and design phase. 
Educational Talent Search office Dr. Tanlee Wasson Educational Talent Search Jan-20 Request to move ETS from Telford House to Burnham House once OMVA vacates.  In review.
Combs 213: Sorensen leased space Dr. Sherry Powers College of Education / Dept. of C&I Jan-20 Request to acquire vacated space once Sorensen vacates leased space.  Approved. COE to occupy Combs 213 end of Feb. 2020
NOVA Student Support Services office Dr. Tanlee Wasson Student Success Jan-20 Request to acquire first floor space of Turley House after Student Conduct and Community Standars vacate. NOVA currently occupies remainder of the house.  Approved. NOVA now occupies the entire Turley House. 
IT (Combs 2nd Floor) Jeff Whitaker IT  Jan-20 Request to move all IT personnel from Combs (26 employees) to Keen Johnson, old bookstore space.  Review in progress, pending feasibility study. 
Weaver Dance Studio Jerimiah J Corbin ROTC Feb-20 Request to acquire right of refusal/full use of the existing dance studio space in Weaver to be used as a physical fitness training area for the cadets. This space would also house training equipment as required by the Army ROTC. Denied. Pending re-evaluation if a new location can be found to accommodate academic yoga classes. 
(6) Secured parking locations Jerimiah J Corbin ROTC Feb-20 Request for (6) secured parking locations to store (3) vehicles and (3) trailers. Denied. The university does not have the space to accommodate the request.