Aramark-Custodial and Grounds Services

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATLY: All custodial and grounds services are now provided by the Aramark Corporation  Brian Fearer

FAQs: Aramark Cleaning and Grounds Services

Q.  When does the custodial and grounds contract start?

A.  Aramark will start providing services on Tuesday, 8/1/17

Q.  Who do we contact for custodial service needs?

A.  Starting on Tuesday 8/1/17 Aramark Cleaning and Grounds Services should be contacted for all custodial needs. The Aramark main office phone number is 859-622-5069.   General Manager Brian Fearer’s office number is 859-622-1143. John Cook (2-1518) and Dixie McHone (2-7148) with EKU Facilities Services will be available to coordinate efforts and pass information to Aramark.  For emergencies after normal working hours, you may call EKU Emergency Maintenance at: 859-622-2966.

Q.  What will Aramark’s responsibilities be?

A.   The contract is designed to have Aramark Cleaning and Grounds provide the same services that are currently being provided by EKU Custodial and Grounds crews, including set ups.

Q.  Will we keep our current custodian in our building?

A.   Aramark will assign employees to areas as they feel is best to provide high quality custodial and grounds services.  Eligible current staff were able to apply for jobs with Aramark.

Q.  How will we handle work orders and set ups?

A.  EKU will be using the same work order (Footprints) system as we do now until Aramark gets their system procedures online. Aramark will then provide training to building supervisors and others when their work request system is fully operational. Facilities Services will make all efforts to complete work orders procedures, timely and efficiently during the interim.

Q.  When will we meet the new Aramark Custodial and Grounds Manager?

A.   Aramark has two Managers on site now performing the start-up functions:  Joe Ottillo who will be around for a couple of months facilitating start-up and Brian Fearer who will be our permanent on site Custodial and Grounds General Manager.   Brian plans to be out of his office meeting people immediately