Family Housing

Brockton Apartments

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Older Homes and Apartments

Variable Monthly plus utilities available for EKU full-time faculty & staff.
All rental rates are subject to change.

General Information

  • No roommates are allowed in Family Housing (married adults or sponsored dependent only)
  • Single or divorced students, with a dependent, must have children in full-time residence
  • Copies of birth certificates and marriage or sponsored dependent documents are required
  • Automatic washers and dryers are located in the laundry room of apartment buildings
  • Telephone, cable TV, and Air Conditioning are the responsibility of the renter
  • One-bedroom apartments are furnished with a stove and refrigerator only
  • Pets are strictly prohibited in family housing
  • The apartment buildings have parking spaces for licensed vehicles only. No boat, trailer, or RV parking is permitted
  • The terms of the lease run from July 1 until June 30 of each year
  • The lease may be canceled with 30 days written notice

Thank you for inquiring about Family Housing at Eastern Kentucky University. Please take a moment and review this information. We look forward to receiving your application.